The Union Water Supply System is owned by the Towns of Kingsville and Essex and the Municipalities of Lakeshore and Leamington, and is managed by the Union Water Supply System Joint Board of Management and is operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency. It has a board consisting of 12 members from each of the four participating municipalities and generally meets once a month to discuss issues that are relevant to ensuring that residents continue to have clean, healthy, safe drinking water. The UWSS supplies potable water to approximately 66,800 residents with raw water supplied from Lake Erie.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) provides, under contract, the operational services necessary to maintain the UWSS system infrastructure and regulatory compliance. OCWA maintains a staff of approximately 14 people appointed to UWSS. OCWA uses all of its resources as necessary to maintain the UWSS system and ensure that everything is working at optimum levels. OCWA reports to the UWSS through the Manager who ensures compliance with the operating agreement and as well reports to the board monthly.