As you are likely aware, there was a recent drinking water scare in Toledo, Ohio in regards to a toxic algae bloom and related microcystin toxin.  The City of Toledo obtains its drinking water from the south side >of Lake Erie’s Western Basin.

The UWSS obtains its water from the north side of Lake Erie Western Basin from the sheltered “bay” west of Point Pelee.  It should be noted that the algae bloom has not been identified or noted in the area of Lake Erie where UWSS obtains its source water.  Also, visual observations by treatment plant operators of raw water that enters the Ruthven Water Treatment Plant have not indicated any greenish discolouration that is typically associated with an algae bloom.  It should also be noted that the treatment process used at the UWSS is very adaptable to handle such issues.

Further, the UWSS also has instrumentation continuously monitoring raw water quality for Blue-green algae and other parameters. A review of this instrumentation does not indicate any elevated blue-green algae readings that would present a concern. As a precaution, due Toledo’s situation, the UWSS has temporarily increased sample collection to five times a week to quickly identify and address any impacts to our drinking water from blue-green algae and related toxins. Sample results to date have not identified any detectable levels of algae related toxins.

Please continue to check this website for further updates or feel free to contact UWSS at 519-326-1668