Section 11 of Regulation 170/03 made under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requires that an annual report be prepared for a water system and submitted to any water systems that are supplied with water. Therefore, the UWSS must prepare an Annual Report each year and provide a copy of this report to each of the four municipal councils prior to February 28th of the following year.

MECP Inspection Reports

2017 UWSS MOECC Inspection Report

2018 UWSS MOECC Inspection Report

2019 UWSS MOECC Inspection Report

2020 UWSS MECP Inspection Report

2021 UWSS MECP Inspection Report

2022 UWSS MECP Inspection Report

2023 UWSS MECP Inspection Report

Annual Report for the UWSS

2017 UWSS Annual Report

2018 UWSS Annual Report

2019 UWSS Annual Report

2020 UWSS Annual Report

2021 UWSS Annual Report

2022 UWSS Annual Report

2023 UWSS Annual Report