The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) would like to remind members of the public that with the warmer months, comes lawn watering, and the reminder of the local lawn watering schedules and bylaws. UWSS is reminding the public that watering your lawns, according to local bylaws, will help reduce peak hour demand and stress on the water treatment system as we approach the hotter, drier weather.

The community, within the UWSS treatment area, can water lawns on even days, for even numbered houses, and odd days for odd numbered houses. Watering should take place between 5am and 8am and also between 6pm and midnight on your permitted day.

The lawn watering schedule is in place from May 1st until September 30th each year, and the bylaws for each local municipality have been in place since 2003 to assist with reducing peak day demands. Please be mindful of the lawn watering schedule to assist our facility and reduce those high peak demand days. If you have questions please contact us at 519-326-1668. Please review the lawn watering brochure and our Lawn Watering Restrictions Tab.