Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Initiative

Earlier in November of this year mayors, businesses and the like gathered in Ottawa to discuss ways accelerate the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence protection and restoration program.  There is a concern that more work still needs to be done

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Every Drop Counts – Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Please take a look at the attached brochure:  Every Drop Counts – Reducing the Energy and Climate Change Footprint of Ontario’s Water Use. The brochure provides a quick look at the way residents can find information on the following topics

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Citizens called to assist with water testing

The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research is calling for local citizens to assist with the testing of local waters as part of a large scale water quality project.  Researchers are hoping to obtain as many samples as possible over

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Blue W Program available to customers

As the summer months heat up customers are reminded that the Blue W program is available within the UWSS boundaries.  Please visit for further information and locations where you can fill up your reusable water bottle at no charge

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Customers to be aware of door to door sales

Residents are asked to be aware of door to door salespeople trying to sell water filtration systems. It should be noted that Union Water Supply System, or the partnering municipalities: Essex, Kingsville, Lakeshore or Leamington, are not in any way

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Concern over Potential Funding Cuts

The CBC has put together an article regarding the United States potential funding cuts to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The cuts could see funding go from $300 million down to just $10 million. This worries many local mayors as many

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Ohio Plans to Monitor Algae Blooms

The strategy that Ohio will take in trying to reduce phosphorus runoff was released in May 2016 and finalized last week.  Ohio has decided to sharply reduce phosphorus runoff in an effort to starve the algae of the food it

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Leamington’s Long Term Water Plan

Mr. Sharron informed council that it is imperative for the municipality to develop a strategic plan to help manage the future of the system with the expected growth in the greenhouse industry and therefore increased water demand. The article, provided

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