Reminder of yearly lawn watering restrictions

Residents supplied by Union Water Supply System are reminded of the lawn watering restrictions that run from May 1st each year through to September 30th throughout our system. Watering of your lawns can occur on even days for even numbered

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UWSS Monitors Ohio Train Derailment

The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) has been monitoring the chemical spill that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio in early February 2023. The UWSS is continuing to assess the situation and should a need occur the UWSS would implement its

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UWSS Participates in Study – PFAS

The University of Waterloo is leading a team to identify and treat per – and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals. Through partnership with the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) the team from University

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Water use during hot, humid weather at UWSS

With the hot, humid weather arriving in our area and expected to last over the next few days and potentially into next week, the UWSS would like to remind all users to reduce their daytime/afternoon water use.  Moving your water

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Leamington Water Tower – update June 8, 2022

The Leamington Water Tower Spring maintenance has now been completed. The new cathodic corrosion control system has been installed and the remaining work completed. The tower is now back online and returned to service earlier than anticipated.

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Leamington Water Tower – Maintenance Spring 2022

The Union Water Supply System will be taking the Leamington Water Tower (LWT) offline starting May 30th, 2022 for planned repairs. It is expected to be offline for approximately two (2) weeks while a new cathodic corrosion control system is

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NEWS RELEASE – Upgrades Temporarily Reduces Water Treatment Capacity

The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) has undertaken necessary upgrades to the treatment system. These repairs require that part of the system has been shut down since September 2021. While the scheduled work is moving along, the world wide supply

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Dissolved Air Flotation Project

Over the last several years the Union Water Supply System (UWSS) has undertaken several evaluations and capital works to improve the Ruthven Water Treatment Plant.  As part of the UWSS Water Quality Master Plan (WQMP) completed by Associated Engineering (AE)

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