The CWWA has created a guidance document for water, wastewater, and stormwater utility managers to ensure that our waters remain sustainable for future generations. CWWA put substantial thought into structuring the topics, including laying out challenges, best practices and resources and this document will offer guidance for navigating towards being sustainable and resilient water services.

CWWA feels a sustainable water service recognizes and incorporates social environmental and economic factors, while ensuring full cost recovery and intergenerational equity. There are many benefits to communities where utilities provide sustainable water services.

Ensuring that our local public water services are sustainable will reduce risk to public health as well a local economies. There are potential challenges to achieving sustainable water services, which include social, environmental and economic issues. Water treatment facilities should plan to move closer to sustainable water services. Doing so must include communication with the public as well as elected officials. This will be essential in that process of sustainability.

To learn more please visit the CWWA website or clink on the link Sustainable Utility Guidance found on CWWA website.