The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) is currently undertaking necessary maintenance and rehabilitation projects at its Ruthven Water Treatment Plant (WTP). COVID-19 delays have prolonged some of these projects. As such UWSS WTP is operating at a reduced capacity until completion of this work at the end of June 2021.

This work is necessary to improve the water supply. This work, along with the summer like weather experienced and the unprecedented demand for water from our system, the UWSS would like to request that residents and businesses minimize their daytime water usage, particularly between peak hours of noon and 6 pm and also avoid any unnecessary water uses during these times.

The UWSS would like to thank those persons and businesses that are conserving water as we go through this period. UWSS would also like to acknowledge local Greenhouse Vegetable Growers and a number of OGVG members who have agreed to work with the UWSS to reduce and offset their water consumption during peak times.

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